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#12: 7 Lessons I’ve Learned from Tony Robbins

Today I’m showcasing 7 lessons I’ve learned from Tony Robbins. I’ll talk to you about why he's had such an incredible impact on me, but I also want to focus on how YOU can apply his teachings in your own life.

If you remember Tony Robbins from the land of infomercials from the 1980s and 90s like I did, you’ll soon discover that he is one of the driving forces behind achievement psychology.

Now he’s a bit loud, and you may not vibe with him right away.

It took me years to be ready to hear what he has to say. I encourage you to have an open mind about what he has to teach because there’s no denying that he helps people change positively.

He has an incredible reach – both literally and figuratively — he had a huge wingspan. Even more importantly, he has an incredible impact of some of the most successful people in the world. He uses practical psychology and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to create massive change in people. When I learned about this, I became fascinated and began my journey to becoming a coach.

I’ve been to his 4 day live event Unleash the Power Within — experienced the fire walk, sleep deprivation and lots of movement to change your state from an unresourceful state to a resourceful state on command! He leads other live events like Date with Destiny, which I plan on attending in the future, and it was showcased in the Netflix special, “I am Not Your Guru.” That was fabulous because you can see him at work.

Presidents have sought his counsel, leaders of industry have given him unprecedented access to their lives and mindset, and he has made it his mission to positively impact others. 

Although he’s written several books, and they’re all best sellers, I recommend Awaken the Giant Within because it really is all encompassing and is a great introduction to him. I also recommend Money Master the Game because he interviews the biggest names in finance and breaks down investment into easy to understand terms.


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