How to Stop Procrastinating and Get a Ridiculous Amount Done Without Dreading Your Work Day or Pulling All-Nighters.

3 Secrets to Consistently Getting Things Done without using Deadlines or Pressure.

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This Masterclass is for you if you...

  • Say you've always been a procrastinator

  • Think you need more willpower to get things done

  • Use deadlines to pressure yourself to get things done (and are tired of it)

  • Hate staring at the same project on your desk and ruminating about it at home

When's it Happening?

Thursday, February 23rd 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern

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You're not lazy or a "procrastinator."

You just haven't learned the tools I'm sharing in this Masterclass.

I used to be a serial procrastinator.

I'd let projects sit on my desk until the night before it was due, and pull an all-nighter to get it done.

Then I'd promise things would be different "next time."

They never were.

Can you relate?

It wasn't until I learned 3 secrets that I changed everything.

I stopped procrastinating and felt proud of the work I did because it wasn't rushed.

I made plans to work on my business while working full-time as a lawyer and followed through on them.

How’d I go from being a serial procrastinator to building a business on top of my full-time law practice without overwhelm?

I changed my perspective on three fundamental relationships we all have.

The perspective we have on these relationships impacts whether we put things off or not.

What are you putting off right now?

🫣 A gnarly case in your inbox?

🫣 Growing your practice?

🫣 Having a difficult conversation with your assistant?

Tasks we put off weigh on us like a 15,000 pound elephant sitting on our shoulders.

That weight drags you down throughout the day and drains your battery. 🪫

A drained battery means you don’t have the energy to get momentum to move your life or your practice forward.

And if you’re reading this, I assume you want to gain massive momentum to hit your goals, right?

Most of us assume procrastination means something about us. That we’re lazy or a bad lawyer.

Putting off tasks doesn’t mean anything about you.

Procrastination a habit.

Habits are brain-based.

And habits are changed when we change how we think.

In this Masterclass, you'll learn the pillars of overcoming procrastination in depth:

- Your relationship with time

- Your relationship with your brain

- Your relationship with your self

Once you learn to master these relationships -- and we'll get started in this Masterclass -- you'll begin taking action and get a ridiculous amount done without stress.

Here’s to building momentum and taking action.🥂

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