Meditation can be intimidating. At least it intimidated me before I created a regular practice.

Meditation has played a HUGE part in how I now interact with the world. I'm less reactive to circumstances in my every day life, I'm more kind to those around me, and I'm more focussed.

These results impact the way I show up for clients and how I show up for myself daily.

Practicing meditation in practicing relaxing your mind. It creates distance between your reactive self and your observing self. When you make this a regular practice, you can sit for longer period of time.

All of these meditations, except for the Yoga Nidra, are practiced in a seated position. I suggest not laying down because then you'll likely fall asleep, which isn't the point of meditation.

My practice is usually about 15 minutes in the morning or in the evening. Sometimes both. When I have a particularly challenging day, I like to meditate for longer periods to enter a state that is transcendental or bliss-like. But we're not doing longer meditations here.

Right now, we're taking baby steps.

These short “pocket” meditations are a way to get your feet wet to see what you like, and what you don't.

I suggest trying these out one day at a time. I mean, you could binge meditate. There's nothing stopping you from that. 🙂

Follow along in the daily emails to get more tips for a more relaxing practice.



Day One: Mindfulness Meditation using Breath (5:49 minutes)

Day Two: Mantra Meditation (10:14 minutes)

Day Three: Yoga Nidra (Better Sleep) Meditation (7:41 minutes)

Day Four: Loving Kindness Meditation (7:02 minutes)

Day Five: Golden Light Meditation (8:39 minutes)

BONUS: Identity Visualization for Coaching Students (11:37 minutes)


Now that you have a flavor for the meditations that are out there, I invite you to explore more on the internet. There are an unlimited number of meditations out there.

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