Salt Water Floats ~ If you haven't tried one of these in your area, I HIGHLY suggest you do. It's a chamber of quiet in a noisy world. I was a bit anxious the first time because I'm not used to floating on water. 🙂 Probably most of us aren't. The place I go has the option for lights, or no lights. It also allows you to have music on or silence. If you're in the Sacramento area and want to try the place I go (Capitol Floats), I have a referral code that will give you a discount when you book. To get a discount at Capitol Floats use Referral Code: mv-229146 Somadome ~ This is a meditation pod for people who may not be accustomed to meditating. My friend Sarah Attia invented it. She's put her heart and soul into it, and it shows. Click here to learn more about it. If you're in the Sacramento area, you can book a Somadome experience by clicking here.

Cook Books

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen sounds like it'd be boring, but the recipes are delicious. I'm not a cook, and I felt like a chef prepping these meals. If you're going through cancer treatment, you may want to get some help prepping and getting ingredients. Some of the recipes take some work. But it's totally worth it. Crazy Sexy Juice by Kris Carris filled with amazing recipes and has a primer for how food works in our body. It also includes information about how to choose the best juicer and blender for you. If you're looking for delicious ideas from an inspired soul, grab this book. Kris is the gal I WISH was around when I was going through breast cancer. She has other books that talk about her cancer journey and a cook book too.

Food Delivery Services

Farm Fresh to You

California is fortunate to have Farm Fresh to You. It's like having a farmer deliver you fresh groceries each week. If you're in California, they may deliver to you. Check here for service availability. It's great for when I don't have time to shop. There's always something healthy in my fridge.

To get $15 off your first box at Farm Fresh to You, use the Referral Code: DINA2283

Amazon Fresh

If you're a Prime Member, click here to get a free trial of Amazon Fresh. If you're not yet an Amazon Prime Member, then you'll simultaneously be signed up for Amazon Prime and Fresh.

Thank you

Over the years I've experimented with a lot of services, and these are a few that I love. They cover books, experiences, and more. Each one of them has contributed to my understanding of my health and have made me feel amazing. I'm suggesting them because I believe they'll do the same for you. Please note: I may receive a small commission if you use these services. Thank you for trusting me and my suggestions. ~ Dina