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Alright, you ready?
I want to share with you this concept of brain debris
When we're raised, we get all kinds of thoughts put into our head about what's right and what's wrong, what we can do, what we can't do. And what we end up with is a bunch of stuff — some of it beneficial, some of it not — and as we get older, we start to discern for ourselves, or at least we can discern for ourselves, what is useful. But for most people, we don't recognize that what's going on in our head, why we react the way we do, why it might be harder than they think it should, why it might be more difficult for them to grow their practice or make partner or whatever it is they want to do, we don't realize the reason it's so hard is that some of those thoguths that we got from society, from our parents, from those we surround ourselves with, they aren't beneficial to what we want NOW.
So what we've got is a bunch of debris in our head that isn't helping us, that's in our way. Let me give you an example. So we had a wind storm here in Sacramento last week, and as I'm going on my walk I see all of this debris — all of these old leaves, twigs, trash that's collected on the sidewalks and the gutters and in the middle of the road, tree branches. It's all of the old parts of these trees and nature dropping down into the street and as you try to make your way through life we sometimes have these stumbling blocks, these bits of debris in our way, but you don't see them when it comes to our brain. We can see them physically in a storm, but you don't necessarily see them as an adult unless you're doing something like coaching or other personal development where you're starting see that there's some patterns here. Then we ask ourselves, okay, what's going on? I'm the only common denominator.
What I want to offer to you is that we get debris left behind remnants of things we no longer need that aren't helping us with our growth or what we want. We get the opportunity to start tidying up. That's what I do with my clients. I kind of see myself as someone who walks a few steps ahead, sweeps up debris and makes your life easier. And when we start making our lives easier, we stat making clarity. B/c all of that trudging through the debris takes energy. We get distracted from the focus that we have.
Let me give you an example of this with a client.
One of my clients has been calming her weeks. She came to me. She wants to make partner, and when she came to me she felt very flustered, hectic in her life. When we started working together we took it one step at a time. A lot of times we don't want to do anything different because it seems like so much work like we have to upend our life. Like we have to sweep the whole neighborhood rather than just our porch of debris to take a step forward. That's not true. You just need a few steps ahead of you cleared a little at a time, and it makes a big impact.
What she discovered was that she could make her life so much easier by implementing just a few things that we talked about in the short term with the idea of implementing a system that would help her long term. She got the system. She used the system. It made her life a lot easier. Then she stopped using the system.
And that's okay.
But she thought something was wrong or that she did something wrong. She was judging herself for not continuing with the system she'd really saw made a difference in her life.
So she didn't tell me about it. I actually heard something she said and asked her questions that led to her saying she wasn't doing it.
All that happened thought was that she had brain debris.
Her brain just gave her the same old brain debris that said, “I don't have time for this, and I'm just gonna not do it.”
Those thoughts were debris getting in the way between her and her creating simplicity in her schedule.
There will always be brain debris.
We will always have old thoughts that sneak in and try to hijack the show.
We can't switch out our brain for a new one.
What we CAN do is watch our brain like a hawk and sweep out our brain daily.
Here's a quick tip for you when you notice that you're not doing something or you're hesitating on doing anything in your practice whether it's your calendar, having a difficult conversation with someone, or when you are procrastinating on a project.
Write down everything you're thinking about the calendar, the project, the conversation, the goal.
Write it all down.
Then you can take a look at what's in your head.
There's likely a ton of debris in there that needs to be swept up.
Some of it you may be able to look at right away and know that isn't true.
Some of it you may want to journal on or take to a coaching call to get help.
Just know that if you're not getting the result you want that there's a thought or thoughts that need to be swept up.
It doesn't mean you're not capable or that you're doing anything “wrong.”
It just means that there's some problem-solving to do.
If you want to calm down your practice and achieve your goals with more ease, book a call with me.
My whole job is to help you sweep the road ahead to make your life easier.
You can book a call at dinacataldo.com/strategysession
Have a wonderful week.