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Why You Feel Behind (HINT: It's not the work)

The 3-Step Method to Get More Done without Burning Out

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This Masterclass is for you if you...

  • You dread Mondays because there's so much work to do

  • You feel scattered or frazzled when you sit at your desk

  • You use deadlines to pressure yourself to get things done but hate how it feels

  • You're tired of thinking about work at home when you're trying to recharge

  • Your checklist doesn't seem to be getting any shorter

If any of these apply to you, join me for this Masterclass.

"Don't confuse movement with progress."

- Denzel Washington

Can’t seem to get ahead of your caseload?

Lawyers are set up for failure from the start.

Society teaches us that what we need to succeed is to work harder.

The brainwashing runs deep.

We hear from partners and senior associates:

👉 “You’ll get used to it.”

👉 “Being a lawyer is like this; if you don’t like it, find another job.”

👉 “The lawyers who don’t make it are the ones who didn’t want it hard enough.”

Pretty soon we start telling ourselves the same thing.

We start telling ourselves we’re lazy and beat ourselves up when we don’t get our to-do list completed.

This leaves you exhausted, emotionally depleted and overwhelmed.

The problem isn’t you.

The problem is the paradigm you’ve been given.

It keeps you thinking about:

🤞 What other lawyers are doing to keep up with their work (who were taught the same paradigm)

🤞 Trying new planners (that work for a week, and then you’re off to a new one)

🤞 Looking for ways to cut YOU out of your life, so you can work more (bye, bye workouts and family time)

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope something works.

You have to change the paradigm you’re living under.

In this Masterclass you’ll get the paradigm that you need to shift into and HOW to shift into it.

There are 3 Guiding Principles to become a lawyer in control of her practice instead of at the mercy of your clients and files.

1. Master the Principle of Specificity

2. Master the Principle of Problem-Solving

3. Master the Principle of Decision-Making

I’m teaching all three of these principles in this Masterclass.

They will be your guide every day, so you can finally feel in control of your time, your caseload and your life.

You can get ahead.

It takes a new way of thinking and being to make it happen.

I’ll show you how in this Masterclass.

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Nice to meet you.

I'm Dina Cataldo. I was a criminal prosecutor for 16 years. At 29, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a wake-up call that let me know I needed to change things up. For me that meant learning how to manage my stress levels with a demanding career. That started with learning how to manage my time. Once I did that, I was able to explore other paths that lead me to coaching.

Now I help lawyers take control of their practices and their lives with personal coaching and Be a Better Lawyer Podcast.

Hope to see you at the Masterclass!

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