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The Proven Path to

Law Practice Peace

3 Foundational Principles to Have a Practice (and Life) You Love

It's happening Friday, January 19th,

8am Pacific / 11am Eastern

In this Masterclass you'll get...

The Simple 3-Step Process to Help You Calm Overwhelm in Your Practice

The Questions You Need Yourself to Ask Yourself to Streamline Your Practice to Make Your Life Easier

The Mindset Successful Lawyers Adopt to Create Peace in their Practices

Real-Life Stories to Inspire You to Take Action and Give You Ideas for Your Own Practice

This Masterclass is for you if you...

  • Dread Mondays because you know you have files piling up on your desk and not enough time to get them done

  • Feel scattered or frazzled whenever you even think about tackling your work load

  • Are behind on billing and/or don't have systems that keeps income coming in regularly

  • Do work last minute with an adrenaline rush instead of strategically planning so you can do your best work leaving you exhausted

  • Want to feel present with your family at the dinner table and at the playground instead of constantly worrying about emails and whether you missed a deadline

It's happening Friday, January 19th,

8am Pacific / 11am Eastern

The through line in my work with lawyers is, "What you want matters."

When we want calm and peace, we tend to tell ourselves, "When I get this done, I'll feel better."

But how long have you been telling yourself that?

You may feel better temporarily, but those familiar feelings of stress and anxiety creep in again and again.

I've been there.

For too long I pushed down what I wanted -- a practice and life where I felt calm and grounded -- in favor of rushing around to get things done.

It felt horrible!

What I didn't realize was I'd get more accomplished if I took a step back and set the foundations I'm walking you through during this Masterclass.

What you want matters.

I'l help you think and do things differently in your practice, so you can create the peace you're looking for.

Join me for the Proven Path to Peace Masterclass

Friday, January 19th,

8am Pacific / 11am Eastern

About Dina

Dina Cataldo is a Master Certified Coach who helps lawyers take control of their practice, find fulfillment and create a life they love.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 29, doing more with less stress became a non-negotiable. She had big aspirations, and didn't want stress preventing her from going after what she wanted.

She built her coaching practice while practicing as a full-time criminal prosecutor by changing her habits one at a time. Dina discovered she had more power to change herself than she knew and became an expert at managing her time and emotional health.

Now she’s helps lawyers around the world take authority over their time and their mindset, so they love their life and law practice.

Join this Masterclass to learn skills to elevate your law practice and evolve you into the next version of you.

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