Success leaves clues, my friend.

I wanted to do this podcast because for a long time I didn't really actively search for people who inspired me to be a better human. Yes, there were always examples of women in my life that I could look up to, but I wasn't thinking consciously about how the women playing incredibly big games in their lives approached their lives and when I discovered women like the ones I'm going to talk with you about today, I discovered that there was a world of possibilities that I had closed myself off to.

Now you might be asking yourself, well, why are you calling it for women leaders who inspire me to live bigger daily? Why not just say for leaders? Well, I believe that it's important for women in particular to have role models to look up to. So if I have a podcast title that talks about women leaders and it attracts somebody to listen, that's why I am doing it because it's important for us to foster not only that ambitious spirit in ourselves, but also to foster that in other women's lives and other people's lives. So that is why I am calling it that. And if you know you want to talk to me on Instagram about why I title my podcast the way I title it, you're welcome to stop by. Okay, so at the very end of this podcast, I'm going to share with you what all these women have in common.

It's like a checklist for you to follow to get what you want in life. So it's stay to the end because you're going to want to hear it. My hope is that I share a little something today that inspires you to up your game in an area of your life. Maybe you have a new motivational podcast or an Instagram account to follow as a result and something I say or they say, we'll hit you just right. It's going to hit you in a way that hopefully will inspire you to take action like you never have before. One of the things that each of these women have in common that I'll tell you right now is that they take care of themselves and they manage their time better than 99% of the population and I am all about managing time and reducing overwhelm and stress in our lives.

If you find yourself saying, I wish I had more time, or you tell yourself that you'd get to that project. If you had some more time, then it's time. See what I did. You downloaded the busy lawyers quick start guide to getting five hours back each week. I know you are exhausted at the end of the Workday. You've wrangled clients, staff, and maybe even kids and by the end of the day you've spent all of your energy. Then you spend more time at night wondering if something's slipped through the cracks at the office or if you didn't get everything done for a client's account, you've got nothing left in the tank for yourself when you get home. I get it. I used to crash on the couch at the end of a long day in court and in the office telling myself that I'd find more time later to commit to creating my business or to reading or whatever my goal was and I kept pushing my dreams off to later, but hoping and waiting doesn't make it happen.

You've got to put in the work right now to get what you want and I've condensed the tools and the concepts that work to create more time and ease in your week, in the busy lawyers quick start guide to getting five hours back each week. You just pick one strategy to start. I'm going to give you several, but you just pick one and then you do the work to make it happen. And you keep doing it and then you can move on to the next one and so on. You're going to build confidence that you can make what you want happen as you not each of these tools down one by one and you get them under your belt. If you want to play bigger in your life just like these women have that I'm going to talk about download that guide. Not only will you have more time, but you will also feel better about how you move through your day and you can get it fr**@di*********.com forward slash busy lawyer.

The first woman that I want to talk to you about is Sarah Blakely. Here's a quick snapshot of who she is. She is the CEO of Spanx. She sells women's undergarments and it is a personality infused brand, so her name is on everything. She is on Instagram selling things. She is in there in the trenches doing the work with her people. It is an amazing thing to watch. If you go to Sarah Blakely's account or Spanx Instagram account, you will find so many interesting ways to market and to infuse your personality into a brand. Even if you don't have a product based business, I'm, you know, you're a lawyer so you have a service that you're providing, you can infuse your personality into your brand. She's created $1 billion company and she talks about how she created it, you know, throughout her stories. You know, she does interviews and I'll share a little bit about that, but she is really open about how she created what she created.

She is a mom of three, so if you're saying you don't have enough time, this woman runs a billion dollar company and she has three children and she is married to Jesse Itzler who is an entrepreneur and really an adventure of sorts. You get to know him a little bit. So what inspires me about her is first that she is an example that the work we do on ourselves works. She is constantly improving herself and challenging herself. She tells the story that she wrote down exactly what she wanted to invent. Something that people actually needed and she invented thing after thing and none of it seemed to take off. And then one day she was, you know, looking for something to wear underneath white pants without a panty line and Spanx was born. It's pretty amazing when you think about it, but she knew exactly what she wanted and she wrote it down.

She also shares a story about how she started off selling fax machines and she would actually get kicked out of buildings, but she kept going back and going back and going to all these places and by continually failing this made her a master sales woman. She knows you're selling the problem that you solve, not the product. Let me say that again. She teaches that you are selling the problem that you solve, not the product. We fall in love with our services, right? Like as the creator of them, we fall in love with them. We make them our own. But people don't respond to that. What they respond to is the story about the problem and that is what draws them in. Her secrets to success that she shares is that she listened to Wayne Dyer tapes on how to be a no limits person. Her dad gave her these tapes and she talks about how she would play them in her car all the time and that her friends didn't want to drive with her cause that's all she would listen to and she also shares another secret to her success, which is that she would come home from school and her dad would ask her how she failed that day.

She was taught at an early age. That failure is what makes you great, like you have to continually fail in order to create what you want in your life. Those are the main takeaways I want to share with you from Sara Blakely and her journey and I will share what she has in common with the other women at the end of the podcast. The second woman I want to talk to you about is Selena Soo. She is a publicity and marketing strategist. She's the founder of impacting millions, which is a seven figure online coaching program in which she helps entrepreneurs create brand awareness and increase their bottom lines. She has personally helped people like Farnoosh Torabi, and if you're not familiar with her, she's a personal finance expert and the TV personality, and she helped Farnoosh score a column with Oprah magazine. Farnoosh actually talked about it on her podcast, but Selena also helps less well known personalities become better known in their industries in this impacting millions program and gain the confidence to increase price points.

Now, what inspires me about Selena? So I met her in New York about a year and a half ago for a mastermind led by copywriter Laura Belgray. Now, what inspires me about her is that she is incredibly kind and giving. Selena is someone who really wants to lift others up by sharing what she's learned over the years. Selena is an introvert, which I love telling people because a lot of people tell me that, you know, they can't play bigger in their business because they don't have the personality for it or they don't enjoy networking. Even the lawyers right? You would think that more lawyers would be outgoing, at least the ones that I'm around, but there are a lot of introverts out there that are only extroverted in certain situations. So if you're telling yourself that you're introverted and you can't actually get out there, Selena is proof that you can be soft spoken.

You can be somebody who doesn't like to go out in the world and you can teach yourself to create what you want to create. Now, Selena is a master networker. She knows just about every influencer and knows how to build connections in a positive way. I really think this has to do with her heart because you can tell she comes from a place of caring about giving to anyone she comes into contact with. I am an affiliate for her impacting millions online coaching program because I believe in its power to get you moving, to play bigger in your business. I have used it over the last two years to get on podcasts to create opportunities for, I'm getting into training programs and doing some public speaking, and I know there are a lot of lawyers who want to grow their practice, but they tell themselves they don't know how or they're doing everything they can.

Maybe they tell themselves that they don't have enough time or they can't, or they can figure it out on their own. Now, if you want to learn more about a free training, Selena is sharing soon, DM me on Instagram at Dina dot Cataldo or you can sign up for my emails on my website. You can get on my email list by entering your email for anything free on my website, just like that busy lawyers guide I mentioned at the beginning of the episode. You can go to Dina forward slash busy lawyer to grab that there.

Oh woman number three let me tell you about Amy Porterfield. So here's a quick snapshot about her. I first came across Amy Porterfield when I was trying to figure out how I could create an online business while remaining a full time lawyer like it was literally just meant to be.

I discovered her podcast online marketing made easy and I was hooked. I listened to every single episode. I was listening to them back to back. I felt like I was absorbing so much information and learning so much about how, how to create an online presence, how to help people, how to basically do everything. She gives mini trainings on her podcast that will introduce you to her world of online marketing and online course creation. She also leads amazing in person events and I've probably gone to three or four of them by now because they are so darn good. Now. What inspires me about Amy Porterfield? First of all, she talks about her big goals and struggles. Last year she shared that her big goal was to make $10 million in her business. She wanted to play a bigger game in her business and so she started sharing a lot of the resistance that her brain was giving her and she ultimately, after doing the work on her brain, surpassed her $10 million goal.

But she is incredibly honest about what she has trouble balancing out time with her husband, not driving her employees to the brink of insanity with too much work. The hard parts about hiring a team and she also talks about her weight loss journey because she was overweight and she had a lot of mental blocks around it and she finally got her health under control. She looks great now you name it and she's covered it. She is an open book and it's really inspiring because that gives you kind of some insight into someone else's brain to understand, okay, look, we've all been there, but we need to get past our own junk in our brain so that we can live the life that we want to live. She's also driven to achieve, which I can so relate to and she's also very kind. She's another one of those people who just wants to serve her audience in a really big way and live big into her life so that she can do that.

She is also incredibly organized, so she is a woman after my own heart. I model my organization of my own online courses after Amy's organization structure and I've had the opportunity opportunity to learn so many of her strategies over the years. I know that implementing a lot of what she's taught has translated to helping more people in my coaching programs in conjunction with my one on one coaching for lawyers. All right, number four, Brooke Castillo. A little snapshot about Brooke. I first learned about her when I randomly saw her podcast show up in my feed and I kept putting it off. I just kept putting it off and putting it off, which is like so many of the other things that I have done in my life that I was like, why didn't I start that earlier? Then I actually listened to her podcast after I heard Brooke interviewed on Amy Porterfield's podcast.

Talk about meant to be, right. So Brooke Castillo is the founder of the life coach school and has a podcast of the same name, which I highly recommend and I'm going to put links to everything that I'm talking ab***@di*********.com forward slash 89 so anything that you're hearing about any of the podcasts that you're hearing about or Instagram accounts, I'm going to link to them there so you can find out more about these women. What inspires me about Brooke? All right. First of all, she talks about money. Okay. And I had never heard anyone talk about money as honestly as Amy Porterfield and Brooke Castillo. I was raised not to talk about money. It was one of those things that you just didn't talk about. She shared, Brooke shared that Amy Porterfield actually inspired her to talk about money, so she wouldn't even be talking about money if it wasn't for her.

Amy talking about it is pretty great how these women inspire one another to play bigger in their lives. I love that Brooke talks about money because so many of us were taught that it's impolite to talk about it or that you're greedy if you talk about money. She talks about it as representative of the service. She provides her bank account and all of our bank accounts really reflect how we're serving and how we're growing. She also talks about her goals and how she has had to grow as a human to create more money over the years to create bigger value over the years. And she's taken her small one on one coaching practice over the years to $25 million a year and she talks about her goals for the future cause she has really big goals for the future. She's also always growing like she's actively searching and excavating and finding out where she can grow and play bigger in her life all the time.

She shares her journey with you in the podcast and it helps me see that there is always a new place to grow and that sharing our stories can help other people see where they might want to make change in their own lives. Now, I promised you that I would tell you what all four of these women have in common, and this is really what I've boiled it down to. All of these women have written down their goals, so I have listened extensively to these ladies podcasts and read their blogs and I've gone to their events, so I know that they have all written down their goals, not just talked about them, not just kind of wrote them down and never looked at the piece of paper again. They wrote down their goals and they kept revisiting them day after day. They kept that energy up.

They knew what their goal was and that led them to the second thing these women have in common, which is they took consistent action towards their goals. It didn't matter whether or not they failed. It didn't matter whether or not somebody was telling them they weren't good enough or they were believing it. They actually just kept taking action towards their goals. How many of us give up after the first or second time and tell ourselves, it's just not possible. I can't do it. I'm just not made that way. That's not me. The thing is is if you want to grow into the person that you want to be, you have to give up your past. You have to give up all those old stories and start looking into the future. That's why writing down those goals was so important. That's why continually taking action towards those goals, not having that end in sight, just consistently taking action out of faith that you're going to get there.

That is what gets them the big growth. The third thing that I want to share with you is that they all sought coaching to stay focused on their goals and move past all the junk in their brain because our brains try to tell us all of these different things on our way to our goals. We're not good enough. We don't know how to do this. I don't know. I can't think of this. I'm frozen. I'm just going to watch Netflix. Our brain is designed to keep us safe. Our brain is not designed to help us create a $25 million business. It is actually something we actively have to work through. If it were up to our, you know, reptilian brain, we would be eating potato chips on the couch all day long cause it feels so good. We'd be sitting in front of a fireplace with a Snuggie blanket around us.

We'd be sipping hot chocolate. But no, if you want to actually play bigger in your life, if you want to have a bigger impact on the people you want to serve in your community, you've got to be able to get these things squared away in your brain. And coaching is such a huge part of that. That's why I'm such a big proponent of it. That's why I do it. The fourth thing I want to share with you is they started incredibly small. They started by failing as a one woman show. They would fail and they would fail and they would fail until they had a success. And then when they figured out how to create those successes, then they had the means to grow teams. And oftentimes I'm going to tell you all the time, all of these women had to invest in themselves, invest in their teams before they were ready, before their brain was ready so that they could scale their businesses.

That is how they are creating the empires that they are creating. That is how they are impacting the communities that they want to serve most. The fifth thing that I want to share about them is they each work daily on themselves to play bigger games in their lives than they are doing right now. They're not satisfied with where they're at. They're ambitious women. These are women who want to live really big lives and I love that about them. Now, some people will say, well, I can't believe you're talking about this. This, you know, why aren't you just happy with where you are right now? You can be happy where you are right now and still have big dreams. In fact, it's required. You actually have to feel really amazing about where you are right now so that you can play a bigger game in your life.

You have to recognize that you're serving to the best of your ability right now and keep your eyes on the future. Write down that goal. Take consistent action. Seek coaching from somebody that resonates with you, someone's who's going to take you where you want to go. And then you just start. You just start, you start as small as you are and then you grow. And then every single day you keep working on yourself. Whether it's a journaling practice, which I really love. I love writing everything down. It helps you see what your brain is doing, where your brain kinda has these hiccups and won't get you past to where you want to go. That is something that is a huge game changer in and of itself. So find those things in your lives. Create those things in your lives. That's your checklist to success. I just gave it to you.

Write down your goal. Take consistent action towards the goal, whether or not you can see it. Seek some coaching to help you out. Start, no matter how small you are, and then work on yourself every single day to get where you want to go. All right, that's it. Now go do it. I hope that hearing a little bit about these women has inspired you to work on yourself and to play bigger in your own life. If you want to learn more about these fabulous women I've linked to their we******@di*********.com forward slash 89 and while you were there, you can also grab the busy lawyers quick start guide to get five hours back each day or each week. Gosh, wouldn't that be great each week? That will also ensure that you hear more about Selena Sue's free training on how to grow your business using free publicity. So be sure to go do that because it's going to be amazing. I hope you have a fabulous week and I will talk to you soon, my friend. Bye.